Thank You

NoraAs of the end of 2013, we have raised $22,540! We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our friends and family. Initially, we thought we would spend the first year raising funds for a project in 2015. But now we should be able to start helping others in Nora’s name this year. We are reaching out to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and children’s hospitals to get started.

This spring, we plan to dedicate a bench to Nora in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco – other than her back yard, Golden Gate Park was Nora’s favorite place. She loved to go for bike rides, play with the ducks and walk on the beach there. Thomas and I felt it was right for her to be buried next to my mother in Skaneateles, but we would like to have a place to remember her in San Francisco where she lived most of her life.

Thomas and I are trying to keep busy and occupy our minds. Nora’s life was hard and we are angry about many things that happened to her. While she was alive, it was easy to focus on the positive, but it is not so easy anymore. That is why we are particularly grateful that we have Nora’s foundation to work on. Our friends and family made that possible – thank you.


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