Ice Cream in January

All of the donations from 2013 have been counted and we raised $33,237 for Nora’s Fund! Thank you everyone for your generosity.

Thomas and I have been going through photos and videos of Nora and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Nora had a feeding tube in her nose and throat when she was a small baby. Over time, she developed an aversion to food because of the irritation from the tube. With the amazing help of Nora’s feeding therapists Dr. Patel and Stephanie, Nora learned to enjoy eating again. One of her favorite things to eat was ice cream!

Here are some of our favorite photos of Nora eating ice cream.

This video is from February 2013 after Nora got her first central line infection. After her fever of 104 degrees (40 celcius) broke, she went crazy eating “tasty” ice cream.

This video is from a trip to the ice cream store after being discharged from the hospital and Nora is being silly and excited to get her vanilla cone.

With the unseasonably warm weather in California, we should all enjoy a January ice cream cone for Nora!


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