Nora’s slam dunk

Thank you everyone who participated in the two recent events that benefited Nora’s Fund.

We are very excited to report that the Skaneateles Drama cast of The Secret Garden is donating $1500 to Nora’s Fund. Thank you to the talented, generous artists who donated their art work to the auction and to the patrons of The Secret Garden who bid on the items.

We will also receive a donation of $150.50 from Tara Kowalski of Thirty-One Gifts. Thank you to our family and friends who participated in the Facebook party hosted by Tara.

We now have a total of $44,633 in the fund.

We will be announcing soon a program that Nora’s Fund will be sponsoring this summer thanks to everyone’s support.

In the spirit of March Madness, here is Nora’s first dunk back on March 28, 2013. Baseball was her favorite sport, but basketball was a close second. We got Nora her own hoop for her hospital room. She had a pretty good shot. It has been four months since we said goodbye to our happy, energetic, adventurous, brave, sweet girl and we miss her so much!

image image image image image image


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