Two Years

Two years.  Hard to believe.  Hard to live through.  Our hearts and lives are still so full of Nora, yet we miss her every day.  We are thankful for her foundation because it gives us something positive to focus on amidst the sadness.

Here is Nora one year before she died on November 22, 2012 – so full of life and smiles.


And here she is two weeks before she died. She making carrot soup in her hospital room. This picture makes us laugh because Nora always found ways to have fun.


Our big goal for 2016 is to finalize our grant with a local hospital to build a library in Nora’s name.  We are still working on the details.  We hope to make an announcement soon – maybe in time for Nora’s birthday in December.

A Bench for Nora

We also would like to dedicate a memorial bench to Nora in Golden Gate Park.  Unfortunately, the organization that runs the commemorative bench program has been on “hiatus” since Nora died.  They have been telling us for two years that they are re-designing the program.  Essentially they need to decide on the cost and renewal period for the benches.

We would like to ask you to reach out to the San Francisco Parks Alliance and ask them to finalize the commemorative bench program details.

You can call, email or send a letter:

SF Parks Alliance
1663 Mission, St, Suite 320
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone:  415.621.3260

Here is sample text to paste into your email:

Dear SF Parks Alliance,
I am writing to encourage you to move forward on the memorial bench project. Today marks the two-year anniversary of the passing of Nora Thelma Boström whose parents deeply wish to have a memorial bench placed at Nora’s favorite spot where she played with the ducks at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. We strongly urge you to move forward with this project to fulfill their wish to share their daughter’s memory with visitors to the park.

Thank you

Twitter Campaign

We have also started a Twitter campaign #abenchfornora to ask the SF Parks Alliance to move forward on the memorial bench. Please send a tweet in honor of Nora. See the campaign here.

We hope to achieve more in the years to come.  We thank you for your support.


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