Halfway to Our Goal!

Thanks to the support of Nora’s Champions, we have raised $27,140 toward our goal of $50,000 for Nora’s Library! We are more than half-way there.


Thomas and I were honored to receive a very generous donation from Girl Scout Troop 60016 in Palo Alto – a group of 9-10 year-old girls. Our friend and loyal supporter, Donna Hill, has a daughter in the Troop. Each year, the girls present recommendations for charities that should receive the proceeds of their cookie sales. The Troop votes and chooses a winner. This year, Donna’s daughter Riley and two friends recommended Nora’s Library. They argued it should be chosen because: (1) it helped local children like them who were sick, (2) it was started by a local family, (3) if they got sick, they would want a place to read, and (4) they have supported animals the last two years so it would be good to help people nearby. We think those are great reasons and we were happy to be one of the winners.

It was really special to be with this group of smart, hard-working, kind, young ladies, and it made us think of how much Nora would have enjoyed being part of a group like that. We look forward to showing the library to the girls.

We hope the construction phase will start by the end of this year. Nora’s Library is currently in the design and review phase as the Valley Medical Center works with engineers, architects and California state regulatory bodies to get final approval on construction.

annual_report_thumbWe were also featured on page 18 of the Valley Medical Center’s annual report.

We hope everyone is having a restful summer.


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