Help Us Raise Funds for Nora’s Reading Room

img_6927We are ecstatic to announce that a new library will be built in honor of Nora, in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the Valley Medical Center in Santa Clara, CA.

Nora’s Fund has pledged $50,000 to build a library area that will give children and their families a place to escape the monotony of their hospital rooms and read books together. We have been working on the concept with the team at VMC for almost two years and we think it will be a beautiful and well-loved space. Read more about the project here.

Now we are asking you–our family and friends–to help us raise the $50,000 to make sure the library gets built. You know your dollars will go to something that will last for years and get used by thankful families every day.

img_6939The library has an open design–it never closes. Sick children do not get to go home at 5pm on Friday. This way they have a place to go no matter what day or time. The design also incorporates nooks and cubbyholes to give children a sense of privacy.  And the library will serve as a welcoming area for the new Women and Children’s Center.

As you know, we have done many smaller projects over the years–from sponsoring a play room at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association International Conference to drafting and presenting a webinar on caring for very young children with PH. We are proud of those projects, but this will be a physical and lasting way to honor Nora and her love of reading.

img_7078Some of our best memories from Nora’s hospital stays were when she could sit at a little table in the library, reading books, and acting like a regular kid. No pokes, procedures, or doctors interrupting. We look forward to giving other children that experience.

Any size donation is welcome–and many employers are willing to make matching donations. We are happy to answer any questions about the plan and design, as are the teams at VMC, Silicon Valley Creates and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Click here to donate and help us honor Nora’s memory.

On behalf of Nora and Nora’s Fund, we thank you for your support.

Here are a few pictures of the dedication event at the Valley Medical Center.

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