Will You Be Nora’s Champion?

Nora's favorite thing to do was read in the library.Nora Boström Library and Family Lounge is very close to becoming a reality!

In order to make Nora Boström Library and Family Lounge a reality we are looking for friends and family members who will serve as Nora’s Champions. Nora’s Champions will be a part of the team that helps to raise funds for building Nora’s library by expanding our range of outreach beyond our friends and family.

We will ask Nora’s Champions to do three things:
1. Share Nora’s story and our vision for a library in her honor with your friends, family and co-workers. You can share this through social media, in-person, informal gatherings, Thanksgiving or holiday get-togethers.

2. Ask your contacts if they are willing to make a donation – big or small – to help build Nora’s library.

Information on how to make donations is here!

3. Talk to your employers about making a donation or matching your donation.

If your company or your friend’s company makes matching gifts and may be interested in donating please let us know.

Nora loved Christmas – she would read Christmas books all year round. We remember the fall before Nora died, she was already asking when Christmas would come. We told her she had to wait for Thanksgiving and her birthday before it would be Christmas. She did not make it for any of those celebrations. But we can talk about Nora this year when we gather together. We can share how kind, curious, silly and strong she was in the face of many challenges. And, we can help to build a library in Nora’s name that will benefit other children facing challenges for years to come.

We set a goal of raising $20,000 by Christmas. Please email us at norathelmabostromfund@gmail.com if you are interested in helping us reach that goal by being Nora’s Champion.


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